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Eat More Fat? OK!

Ever since the “low fat” craze of the 1990’s, fat has been labeled as “the enemy!” I fell victim to it as well.  Low fat frozen yogurt? Yeah! Low fat cookies? Sign me up! Low fat cheese? Boy howdy! I was out buying the latest “diet” craze item that was available. You know what? It didn’t make a damn difference, really. All of that low fat stuff was/is loaded with lots of sugar and artificial sweetners and ingredients. We so easily fall victim to the latest craze or trend when it comes to food, and fail to actually tune in

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The Real Faces of Autoimmune Disease

What is autoimmune disease? You are likely hearing this term more and more every day, and you are likely meeting more and more people who claim to have one. What does it mean, though? “A disease in which the body’s immune system attacks healthy cells.” That is the generic definition. Basically, it means that in some way that person’s body has turned against itself. It has begun to view healthy tissue as “the enemy” and the immune system starts to attack and break down things that it shouldn’t. This starts to make certain organs within the body function improperly, creates

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6 Moves To Get A Better Butt

Are you like me when it comes to having a trouble zone of the booty?  Then check out this blog post for moves to help you hit those buns!  Now, will these moves, alone, make the fat shed off your butt?  Nope, you need a full exercise regime and healthy eating for that to happen.  BUT, what these moves WILL do is SHAPE the butt so that it gets firmer, rounder and lifted!  The rest of the work to really make that booty POP is up to you!  Are you willing to take the steps necessary to get that dream

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Exercise!? But… I Don’t Wanna!

Do you find yourself thinking that phrase in your mind over and over again when the time comes to suit up in your exercise gear and actually get your workout in?  Well, you’re not alone.  I’ve been heavily into fitness since 2004, and now fitness is my career, and there are still many days when I don’t wanna! 😉  How can you get over this mindset?  What are some ways you can put some ammo into your mind gun to convince yourself that, yes, working out is what you are going to do!?  Here are some tips that you can

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Are We Too Obsessed With Physical Perfection?

There’s a lot of talk on the web, currently, about the Photoshopping of celebrity and model images in media to make them appear thinner and more “perfect”.  The media is being bashed for adjusting images for public view, and I get that.  However,  it seems like a constant tug of war where people need to express what they feel “perfection” is, or what their views of “acceptance” are.  Whichever side they are taking, however, we still run into the issue of comparison.  Comparing ourselves to others to either lift ourselves up, or put ourselves down, is something we’ve all likely

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How To Modify Push-Ups To Prevent Injury and Build Strength

Push-ups are the nemesis of many who pursue fitness.  Whenever I’m teaching a class and announce that it’s time for push-ups, there’s usually an array of various groans from around the room due to people not really wanting to do them.  The reason a lot of people don’t want to do push-ups is because, well, they are hard to perform with great form, especially if you are a beginner with fitness.  Heck, even people who consider themselves very fit can perform push-ups totally wrong.  I’ll see it all the time at the gym.  Guys who lift heavy weights will drop

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