About Me

A Geek With A Passion For Fitness

I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit.  Despite being a rather active child, I had a love of fast food and sweets and tended to be overweight.  I was generally quite shy until I got involved in theatre in high school.  I ended up falling in love with theatre and chose to go to college for it.  I moved to Chicago in the year 2000 to pursue my training in musical theatre from Roosevelt University.  While in college I was still overweight and struggled with the dance classes I was required to take, as I was out of shape and not very confident in my body.  I was much more confident when I graduated and managed to get a few professional theatre roles when I moved back to Michigan.


While living back in Michigan I decided that I needed to lose weight and get in shape because I dealt with many problems from low self esteem, to depression, to scoliosis, to insomnia, to constant fatigue and many aches and pains that someone who was 24 years old should not have been dealing with.  I bought Power 90 off of an infomercial to start working on myself (I’d tried many “magic pill” options in the past with no results… go figure).  Little did I know that purchasing that program was the opportunity that would end up changing my entire life from that point forward.  I fell in LOVE with fitness, and decided to take a leap of faith and completely change my career path.


Because of the love I’ve developed for fitness due to using Beachbody’s programs, I’ve gone on to certify to be a fitness instructor myself! I’ve earned my ACE personal training certification, AFAA, Turbo Kick, P90X, Body Pump, and PiYo group fitness certifications.  I’m really excited to share my passion to help other people who are starting out where I did. I’m now working as a group fitness instructor at 3 local gyms and I can’t tell you how awesome it feels to be able to share what I’ve learned with others and to help others find joy in fitness! I teach Turbo Kick, Body Pump and Yoga regularly, as well as subbing for various other formats.


My story doesn’t end there, however.  We all have ups and downs in our journey, and another “down” came a few years ago when I started to struggle with terrible fatigue, aches and pains… all over again.  After many tests it turns out that I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune condition where my body attacks my thyroid.  Due to the adrenal fatigue that comes as part of the package, I have days where I feel great and energized, and I have other days where I’m weak and can barely function.  I understand what it feels like for your body to rebel against you, and have had to modify my exercise a bit more than I used to.  Due to this, my goal is to help others who may not be living the most desirable conditions for exercise,  but who don’t want to give up on themselves.  With my certifications and my own personal experience I want to help make fitness accessible for everyone.


In my free time I’m a bit of a nerd.  I enjoy comic books, sci-fi & action flicks, cartoons, and attending comic cons (and, yes, I’ve done cosplay before as well.  In fact, it was one of the first things I did after losing weight).  I am a HUGE lover of traveling; I love seeing new sights and having new experiences.  I also love to spend time with my boyfriend, my friends and family, my horse, my puppy and my three kitties.  You’ll also find me doing various fundraising events with Costumers With A Cause, as well as support for both Operation Smile and Raincatcher.  I encourage you to find passion in your life and fill as much time as you can doing things you love with people you love.


Throughout this website I share my tips, my experiences, and my knowledge with you.  Whether you have an autoimmune condition or not I hope that you’ll find something on this website that speaks to you.  If you have been feeling lost… you want to get better health but you don’t know where to start… I want to help you.  Please don’t hesitate to use the CONTACT page to reach out to me.  I look forward to hearing your story, and perhaps even sharing in your journey.