Eat More Fat? OK!

Ever since the “low fat” craze of the 1990’s, fat has been labeled as “the enemy!” I fell victim to it as well.  Low fat frozen yogurt? Yeah! Low fat cookies? Sign me up! Low fat cheese? Boy howdy! I was out buying the latest “diet” craze item that was available. You know what? It didn’t make a damn difference, really. All of that low fat stuff was/is loaded with lots of sugar and artificial sweetners and ingredients.


We so easily fall victim to the latest craze or trend when it comes to food, and fail to actually tune in and listen to our bodies (which will tell us through sickness, allergies, energy levels, disease, etc… how we are doing on the nutrition front), which perhaps makes this blog I’m writing a little ironic in and of itself.  So, I want to preface by saying this… NOT EVERY “DIET” WORKS FOR EVERYONE!

What does than mean? Well, our bodies are all a little different in regards to how they can digest and handle various types of food. Allergies, insulin levels, hormones, disease, and so many other things factor into this. That means that there really is not a “one size fits all” nutrition plan. I mean, I think it’s generally a given that fast food type and dessert type items should be a very minimal (if at all) part of our diets, but other than that, it can greatly vary person by person. I am going to share with you what I am doing (on recommendation of my autoimmune doctor), but that doesn’t mean I want you to think, “Egads, this is it! This is the exact thing I’m going to do!” In fact, I don’t want you to “exactly” follow anything you read online, really. I want you to start practicing really listening to your own body and recognize the signs and symptoms that maybe you should change up what you feed it with.


Last year my doctor recommended that to heal my gut (to understand what this means check out this) I should work on cutting down my carb intake, eliminate grains, and up my intake of healthy fats. Well, over the past year I dabbled in it here and there, but I always let myself “cheat” a bit. I sought out a lot of “gluten free” replacement items, not really taking his advice super seriously. Well, during that year a lot of things happened in my life and I spiraled downward into a sugar and alcohol binging craze for a while… guess what? I felt like HELL from that! Oy! All of my autoimmune symptoms majorly flared up, and I was getting sick really often.

This year, I slowly started to first focus on just eating more fresh veggies in my diet and cutting down on grain products.  I started to feel better (side effect, my weight started to go down for the first time in years). I still found myself sliding here and there, though… but why?

I think the main reason I was having trouble getting anything to stick was because I wasn’t taking the time to educate myself on this way of eating, and why I should consider it for my condition. Yes, it’s important to really EDUCATE ourselves on WHY we are making the CHOICE to do things. It shouldn’t just be a blind, “Follow the leader” type situation, really. That’s how the term “diet” got a bad rep in the first place. “Diet” should mean: the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.  I am working to create new habits that benefit my health more, not restrict myself from things from a point of deprivation.

One of my fitness guru’s, Chalene Johnson, recently created what she is calling the Diet Beta Test, and it ended up being what I needed to fully commit. It’s full of education, but not heavy on beating rules down your throat. I love this! She’s giving me the option to make my own choices for my own health.  When given proper education and the ability to choose, you may find yourself making healthier choices (both for your body and for your mind). She’s basically explaining to me the reasons “why” my doctor recommended this style of eating to me in the first place.


This is not me pimping that and saying, “Like, OMG, you all need to sign up to do that NOW NOW NOW!” This is just me asking you to make sure to research and educate yourself before jumping on the latest craze bandwagon. I get nothing if you do decide to do it… I’m just sharing what I’m doing… because this is my blog, so nanner nanner boo boo.

I will admit that when I heard people talking about “ketogenic” diets, my first response was “wah wah wah,” because I hate things getting labeled. So, I don’t follow the “rules” exactly, and Chalene actually tells us that we don’t have to, really.  I’m enjoying the exploration into my body and how my body reacts to different foods. By doing this I’m learning what is truly inflammatory to my body and what I can still enjoy in my diet without the consequences of feeling like shit.

I’ll update how things are going the deeper into this I get.  I can just tell you that, already, I have a clearer mental focus, that phlegm that was living in the base of my throat has taken a hike, my allergies have minimized, and as a bonus I’ve dropped a few pounds (I don’t think one should consider a “diet” just for the sake of weight loss… please use your “diet” as a way to heal the body and mind and feel better all around).

I’m all about feeling happier, mentally and in body, and so far so good.

What are some of the foods I’ve been consuming this week?

  • Whole eggs
  • Avocado
  • Nuts (no peanuts, though)
  • Nut butters (almond butter is da bomb!)
  • Veggies (mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers…)
  • Blueberries (higher fiber, lower carb fruit)
  • Chicken breast
  • Organic mayo
  • Kerrygold grass fed butter (butter, yep!)
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Shakeology (superfood shake… my favorite!)
  • Grass fed beef burger patties
  • Hemp & chia seeds
  • Cholula hot sauce
  • Plain whole fat yogurt (which is hella hard to find, y’all!)
  • Cheese!!!

I can see some people shaking their heads already… “DAIRY!???”
Yeah, I know. Dairy is inflammatory for a lot of people (and also an allergy for a lot of people), but it doesn’t hit me that way… so far. Listen to your body, and do what’s best for you. If I retain inflammation by keeping dairy in my diet, then I’ll work to eliminate it and see if I feel even better. Different strokes for different folks. Play around, eliminate foods that you know are causing issues (because, trust me, you know… you just deny, like I did), and start to feel better! A general rule of thumb is to eat more whole foods (you know, foods that don’t have ingredients lists a mile long containing lots of words you don’t know). The better you feel, the more easy it’ll be to get out there and conquer the world!

Conquer away, my babies!

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